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Power System products at the lowest prices in Ireland - Sports Nutrition, Protein & Bodybuilding Supplements

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• Effective tool for training middle, lower and side obliques (abdominal muscles) • Made of heavy duty nylon for maximum strength and durability • Padded nylon arm slings for comfort and sup..
Ex Tax: €12.97
Based on 1 reviews. 1 Review
If you’re into powerlifting or you do heavy bench press, shoulders press etc, then elbow straps are a must. If your elbows hurt when you lift or press then it would be very wise to invest in a..
Ex Tax: €8.90
2 reviews 2 Reviews
- back gloves made ​​of high quality leather with perforations on three fingers for better ventilation, - exceptionally soft sponge padding, foam in key areas on the bottom of gloves, - ..
Ex Tax: €8.09
5 reviews 5 Reviews
If you’re into powerlifting or you do heavy squats, deadlifts etc, then knee straps are a must. If your knees hurt when you squat or deadlift then it would be very wise to invest in a pair of ..
Ex Tax: €12.97
1 reviews 1 Review
Facilitates heavy lifting by increase your ability to lift or pull down weight. Help perform additional series of exercises, once we handle not withstand the load - thereby contributing to ..
Ex Tax: €11.34
4 reviews 4 Reviews
Slimming Belt Product Details: - Neoprene slimming belt lined with nylon that stretches back a 4Way, - Extremely effective in training, - Fully regulate the velcro - Composition: n..
Ex Tax: €7.28
6 reviews 6 Reviews
- Gloves designed for heavy training and intense exercise, - breathable and elastic inserts on the back of gloves provide comfort and proper management of moisture, - specially designed ..
Ex Tax: €9.72
22 reviews 22 Reviews
Deluxe padded lifting straps you`ll no longer have to stop short another back workout if you find that your grip is the first to go before you start putting your back through its paces. Our hi..
Ex Tax: €5.65
5 reviews 5 Reviews
With Velcro Fastening And Standard Thump Loop* Provides Support And Stability On The Heaviest Lifts* Pull em tight and get locked in, Power System wrist wraps have arrived. Necessary equip..
Ex Tax: €7.28
4 reviews 4 Reviews
- A useful addition to the training, - Practical packaging, - Size: 90 mm x 75 mm, - Composition: cotton, nylon - Colors: different colors. ..
Ex Tax: €2.43
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