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Power System

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Power System Basic Gloves

- Crocheted cotton mesh on the back for better moisture management,- Bottom of the glove is made from soft, durable leather,- Padded area on the bottom for greater comfort,- Velcro closure..

€7.95 Ex Tax: €6.46

Power System Boxing And MMA Wraps - 2 pcs

Wrist bandage is a very important protection for the hands during a fight. Wrist bandage protects against injuries, protects the tendons and bones of the hand, as well as a good cover for the wrist. R..

€4.99 Ex Tax: €4.06

Power System Elbow Wraps Pro - 2 pcs

If you’re into powerlifting or you do heavy bench press, shoulders press etc, then elbow straps are a must. If your elbows hurt when you lift or press then it would be very wise to invest in a pair of..

€13.95 Ex Tax: €11.34

Power System Flex Pro Gloves

- back gloves made ​​of high quality leather with perforations on three fingers for better ventilation,- exceptionally soft sponge padding, foam in key areas on the bottom of gloves,- layer gl..

€11.95 Ex Tax: €9.72

Power System Knee Wraps Pro - 2 pcs

If you’re into powerlifting or you do heavy squats, deadlifts etc, then knee straps are a must. If your knees hurt when you squat or deadlift then it would be very wise to invest in a pair of knee str..

€17.95 Ex Tax: €14.59

Power System Lifting Hooks - 2 pcs

POWER SYSTEM LIFTING HOOKS - 2 pcs​Facilitates heavy lifting by increase your ability to lift or pull down weight.Help perform additional series of exercises, once we handle not withstand the load - t..

€14.95 Ex Tax: €12.15

Power System Neoprene Slimming Belt - 125 cm x 25 cm

POWER SYSTEM NEOPRENE SLIMMING BELT - 125 cm x 25 cmSlimming Belt Product Details:- Neoprene slimming belt lined with nylon that stretches back a 4Way,- Extremely effective in ..

€9.95 Ex Tax: €8.09

Power System No Compromise Wrist Wrap Gloves

- Gloves designed for heavy training and intense exercise,- breathable and elastic inserts on the back of gloves provide comfort and proper management of moisture,- specially designed and tech..

€13.95 Ex Tax: €11.34

Power System Padded Lifting Straps - 2 pcs - Black

POWER SYSTEM PADDED LIFTING STRAPS - 2 pcs - BlackDeluxe padded lifting straps you`ll no longer have to stop short another back workout if you find that your grip is the first to go before you start p..

€9.95 Ex Tax: €8.09

Power System Wrist Wraps - 2 pcs

POWER SYSTEM WRIST WRAPS - 2 pcsWith Velcro Fastening And Standard Thump Loop*Provides Support And Stability On The Heaviest Lifts*Pull em tight and get locked in. Necessary equipment for power lifter..

€11.95 Ex Tax: €9.72
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