Credit Card & Debit Card

We accept all major Credit Cards and Debit Cards:  VISA , MASTERCARD , MAESTRO

Your payment card information is kept safe and secure. All sensitive data are highly encrypted using 256-bit SSL Certificate. We do not store Credit Card details.

Revolut Pay

Revolut Pay is a payment method available to customers for online purchases. It offers an easy checkout experience with no input of card or bank details required for Revolut account holders, and the option for non-Revolut customers to save their details after their first purchase. There are no limits to transactions, and Revolut account holders can enjoy convenient in-app confirmation of purchases.

Apple Pay / Google Pay

Forget filling out your card details online. Complete online purchases with autofill using your payment card on Apple or Google Pay


Paypal is a convienient way to send money over the internet. Paypal has over three million users. With PayPal, sending money is extremely simple and its free. You should trust PayPal because Your credit card information is kept safe and secure. PayPal is absolutely FREE for customers.


For our Customer protection we use authentication process to eliminate risk of fraud. If your card is identified as being enrolled in the Authenticated Payments Program (3D Secure), you will be forwarded to your Card Issuer's website for identification. After completion of the verification process, you will be directed back to this site to complete the payment process:


All our product prices are set in Euro and all orders are charged in Euro. The amount you will actually be charged will be displayed in Euro on the Secure Payment Page.


Please note that any fraudulent transactions will be reported to the relevant authorities!


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