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BAREBELLS products at the lowest prices in Ireland - Sports Nutrition, Protein & Bodybuilding Supplements

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BAREBELL HAZELNUT CREAM - 200 g Barebell’s Hazelnut Cream – An Irresistibly Good Nutritional Cream With Full 22% Protein, And Without Added Sugar! It looks like Nutella, it tastes like Nut..
Ex Tax: €3.49
BAREBELLS MILKSHAKE - 330 ml Barebells Milkshake, incredibly good milkshake, available in 3 different flavors, containing a high level of muscle stimulant protein while lactose free and com..
Ex Tax: €2.03
BAREBELLS PROTEIN BAR - 55 g Barebells Functional Foods – We believe in eating happy and living healthy! What you already love, but with fewer carbs. Barebells Salty Peanut protein bar i..
Ex Tax: €1.95
2 reviews 2 Reviews
BAREBELLS PROTEIN CRISPS BALLS - 77 g Barebell’s crispy protein balls with chocolate coatings are a delicious snack with 20g protein per bag. The perfect product for those who prefer a heal..
Ex Tax: €2.24
BAREBELLS PROTEIN PUDDING - 200 g Protein-rich puddings in four amazing flavors. ✔ Creamy consistency ✔ 20 g protein per serving ✔ Four delicious flavors ✔ Low lactose content ✔ Can ..
Ex Tax: €2.24
2 reviews 2 Reviews
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