OstroVit Leucine - 200 g

OstroVit Leucine - 200 g - Amino Acids & BCAA

Support Protein Synthesis & Enhance Recovery!

- The most important exogenous amino acid
- Support Protein Synthesis
- Support Lean Mass Gains
- Increasing the amount of energy (ATP) stored in muscle cells
- Significantly reduces muscle catabolism (breakdown of tissue)
- Enhance Recovery

Our L-Leucine contains high quality L-Leucine, potency and purity. L-Leucine, one of the three Branched Chain Amino Acids, is known as the "anabolic-trigger" due to tis ability to support protein synthesis, lean mass gains, muscle breakdown, and enhance recovery. Supplementing with L-Leucine during exercise will help fuel muscles with energy and support performance.


Do you train hard and have the proper diet but still are not satisfied with the mass and definition of your muscles?


Supplement LEUCINE - it is almost certain that this is the compound that is deficient in your muscles!

Leucine is an amino acid with an anabolic activity affecting the development of lean muscle mass through multiple metabolic mechanisms:

Leucine closely cooperates with the most important anabolic hormones: insulin, GH, IGF and - probably - testosterone.

It is a very potent stimulator of the insulin production and release, comparable to glucose which was considered, until recently, the most potent activator of this hormone.

As a compound with certain properties of a fatty substance, it reduces the barrier between the fatty and aqueous phase of cellular membranes and facilitates the transport of amino acids and energy compounds to the muscle cells, in which process it closely cooperates with insulin.

At the same time - owing to the abovementioned features - it easily penetrates into muscle cells itself and is one of three amino acids - along with isoleucine and valine - which freely enter into muscle cells.

Inside these cells, it plays the role of an ingredient for building muscle proteins and structures participating in the anabolism stimulation by hormones called "leucine locks", and also limits the activity of catabolic enzymes, destroying muscle proteins.


The most important mechanism of its anabolic activity is based on the cooperation with insulin, GH, IGF and - probably - testosterone. The three former hormones do not directly stimulate protein production, i.e. strength and mass development, but act on this process through anabolic enzymes called kinases. Kinases control the two most important stages of protein synthesis - transcription and translation. Although testosterone - as a steroid hormone - directly stimulates protein production at the stage of transcription, the current studies suggest that kinases may support or even replace such hormones in their anabolic activity.


LEUCINE also contributes to fatty tissue reduction, which was confirmed in numerous studies, but the mechanisms of this activity have not been unequivocally established yet. Metabolism of leucine to short-chain fatty acids - such as HMB - and ketone compounds which inhibit accumulation of storage fat at the stage of the process called esterification, seems probable here.


Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 1 Rounded teaspoon (5g)

Servings Per Container: 40


Amount Per Serving:

L-Leucine 5g


Recommended Use:

As a dietary supplement, consume 1 scoop pre and post workout.

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