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  • Potent free radical neutralizer*

  • Supports balanced immune system responses*


Astaxanthin is a natural compound of the carotenoid family of the xanthophyll class, obtained mainly from sea algae (Haematococcus Pluvialis). As a pigment, its special feature is that it is present in most aquatic organisms, giving them a natural red color (salmon, krill, seafood etc.). Astaxanthin, like other carotenoids, cannot be synthesized by humans, so it must be provided with food or by supplementation.


Astaxanthin is undoubtedly an effective anti-inflammatory agent. Currently considered to be the most powerful antioxidant. Sources say that its action is much more effective than vitamin C or vitamin E.

As one of the strongest antioxidants, it removes the excess of dangerous free radicals from the human body. It stimulates the immune system, supporting natural processes in the fight against various infections. As a carotenoid, it is a "natural shield" for our body against harmful UV radiation.

  • It supports the reconstruction and regeneration of muscles after hard training sessions

  • It has a positive effect on the skin - it acts as a natural sunscreen against the harmful effects of UV rays

  • It strengthens our immune system and slows down the aging process

  • Compared with lutein, it protects our eyes, prevents their fatigue, and even supports their regeneration and convalescence.

  • Supports the processes of cellular respiration, supporting the work of red blood cells


Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 90


Amount Per Serving:
Natural oil with astaxanthin 5% 80 mg

of which astaxanthin 4 mg


Sunflower oil, capsule components: gelatin, humectant - glycerol, water; natural oil with astaxanthin 5%, vitamin E (D-alpha tocopherol, DL-alpha tocopherol).


Recommended Use:
Take one capsule per day.

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