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Prostatan Product Details:

OLIMP PROSTATAN is a special composition of plant extracts and Zinc chelate conditioning the correct work of the prostatic gland (prostate). The supplement is composed of natural, biologically active components such as extracts of saw palmetto, pumpkin seeds, nettle and lycopen.

What causes prostate problems?

Throughout our lives the activity of the prostatic gland is strictly controlled by the endocrine system. Sex hormones, especially testosterone, have the most profound influence on the functioning of this organ. This hormone is capable of accumulating within the prostate, where it can be transformed into the hormone DHT which has an extremely strong action. Then this hormone binds with special receptors in the cells of the prostatic gland, stimulating these receptors to increase and to divide quickly, a consequence of which is the risk of the hypertrophy of the prostate and the appearance of neoplastic lesions.

How to prevent dangerous changes within the prostate?

The factors preventing the transformation of testosterone into the dangerous hormone DHT may have an especially vital role in this respect. It has been discovered that extract of saw palmetto (Olimp Prostatan ), whose active components aid in eliminating DHT and reduce its action on the prostatic gland, is one of such factors. The regular application of natural saw palmetto extracts is especially recommended to men over 40, when the risk of the hypertrophy of the prostate rises.

What distinguishes OLIMP PROSTATAN from other dietary supplements which act in a similar way?

Apart from the active extract of saw palmetto, OLIMP PROSTATAN also contains a number of other substances supporting the correct functioning of the prostatic gland, which makes it a supplement with protective action. Due to the wealth of various biologically active substances and its high Zinc content, the extract of pumpkin seeds contained in the supplement supports the correct functioning of the prostate and prevents the appearance of sexual dysfunctions; whereas the most valuable and the most active carotenoid pigment, lycopen, reduces the activity of free radicals and decreases the excessive activity of testosterone within the prostatic gland, preventing its adverse changes. Additional reinforcing effect is ensured by extract of nettle and Zinc amino acid chelate.

Chelation of minerals is a process of binding metallic elements by weak organic acids, amino acids. This essential process enables good absorption of elements in the digestive tract and their distribution to life processes in which they take part. In this form bioelements remain completely safe when applied because their possible excess in the form of chelate leaves the body easily.

Minerals of simple non-organic compounds are basically not assimilated, but they are absorbed to an extent to which they will be able to form chelates with the components of food taken at the same time.

Taking these facts into consideration, mineral components in the form of mineral chelates of amino acids and organic acids, produced by the leader at the market of mineral chelates, the American company ALBION, have been applied.

Prostatan Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 1 capsule
Servings Per Container: 60

Amount Per Serving:
Saw palmetto extract (45%) 160 mg
Pumpkin seed extract (5:1) 100 mg
Nettle extract 100 mg
Lycopene 0,5 mg
Zinc amino acid chelate ALBION Chelazome 25 mg
of which:
Zinc 5 mg

Prostatan Other Ingredients:
Saw palmetto extract, pumpkin seed extract, nettle extract, 6% Zinc bisglycinate (Zinc amino acid chelate Chelazome), tomato extract (a source of lycopene), bulking agent - microcrystalline cellulose, anti-caking agent - Magnesium stearate, capsule (gelatin, colour: E171).

Prostatan Recommended Use:
1 capsule two times a day.

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