Olimp Amino EAA Xplode Powder - 520 g

Olimp Amino EAA Xplode Powder - 520 g - Amino Acids & BCAA

Olimp Amino EAA Xplode Powder - 520 g

Excellent amino acid product based exclusively on free, pharmaceutically pure forms of amino acids. The composition of AMINO EAAnabol Xplode is mainly based on egzogenic amino acids (EAA; L-leucine, L-lysine, L-valine, L-isoleucine, L-threonine, L-phenylalanine + L-tyrosine, L-histidine, L-cysteine + L-methionine, L-tryptophan), which due to the fact that the human body is unable to produce them itself, have to be absolutely supplied from outside in food or in the form of a food supplement. If any of these essential compounds is missing, it becomes a factor limiting the protein synthesis in the body in this way disrupting the muscle regeneration process, intensifying the catabolism and having a negative impact on a number of metabolic pathways, in which the egzogenic amino acids are used as direct or indirect substrates. The mutual relation of individual egzogenic amino acids in AMINO EAAnabol Xplode was selected based on demand for EAA determined under a ratio method based on the average daily demand of the group (Average Requirement) by WHO/FAO/UNU experts adopted in the report of WHO/FAO/UNU published at the end of 2007. Considering however the individual requirements of sportsmen the product was additionally enriched with branched chain amino acids (BCAA), with strong anti-catabolism and anabolic effect within the muscle tissue. In the case of exercising individuals the addition of AMINO EAAnabol Xplode seems necessary as well, which plays an important role in the process of post-exercise regeneration process of amino acids - L-glutamine and L-alanine. L-glutamine is the storage of nitrogen in the cells and very efficiently delivers the amino groups used during the post-exercise process of deacidification of the body. L-alanine, in addition to its participation in rebuilding the protein structures of the body, is a part of the cycle of transformations in glucogenesis process, additionally increasing the rate of rebuilding the energy resources of the body by restoring the pool of muscle-liver glycogen. The use of just free forms of amino acids in the product substantially increases the rate of their absorption into the blood stream, while at the same time shortens to the minimum the time from the consumption of the product to the occurrence of the effects of their action. This process is also facilitated by the application of powder form of the product enabling the preparation of easily absorbable tasty drink. Enrichment of AMINO EAAnabol Xplode with vitamins from group B substantially improves the intestine absorption of amino acid components of the products independently from the aforementioned techniques and ensures appropriate rate of metabolic processes in the body. 

To whom is recommended AMINO EAAnabol Xplode?

The product is recommended mainly to all sportsmen, specifically around the exercising period, in order to increase the concentration of amino acids necessary to maintain the correct rate of regeneration of muscle tissue. Some amino acids used in this product, whose level has been additionally increased (BCAA) have a strong anti-catabolic action bringing about the anabolic effect. For this reason individuals practising professionally and on an amateur basis strength-endurance disciplines, building their muscle tissue, decathletes and representatives of fight sports, should use AMINO EAAnabol Xplode in order to supplement as quick as possible the necessary amino acids. 

The product is also recommended to individuals on vegetarian, slimming or other diets associated with the risk of deficit of amino acids required for health. The product is an excellent supplement of the diet of convalescents and all individuals, who have to deliver proteins to the body in its quickly and easily absorbable form. 

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 1 scoop (12 g)

Servings Per Container: 43

Amount Per Serving:

Energy 188 kJ/ 44 kcal

Fat; 0,5g

of which saturates 0,1g

Carbohydrate 0,5g

of which sugars 0,5g

Protein 6,1g

Salt 0,40 g

Total amino acids: 8430mg

L-leucine 2 125mg (1,2)

L-isoleucine 1 120mg (1,2)

L-valine 1 418mg (1,2)

L-lysine 1 325mg (1)

L-threonine 683mg (1)

L-phenylalanine 630mg (1,3)

L-methionine 426mg (1)

L-histidine 22 mg

L-tryptophan 16mg (1,3)

L-glutamic acid 227mg

L-aspartic acid 132mg

L-proline 76mg

L-alanine 62mg

L-serine 62mg

L-arginine 30mg

L-tyrosine 30mg (3)

L-cysteine 24mg

Glycine 23mg

1 essential amino acids

2 branched chain amino acids

3 aromatic amino acids

#The variations of amino acid profile’s values may occur. This is typical for natural based products.

62,5% amino acids [L-leucine, L-lysine HCl, L-valine, L-isoleucine, L-threonine, L-phenylalanine, L-methionine], acidity regulators – citric acid, sodium citrates, malic acid; 12,5% whey protein hydrolysate (from milk), flavourings, anti-caking agent – silicon dioxide; sweeteners – acesulfame K, sucralose, cyclamates (Z); colours: carotenes (A), carmines (B), riboflavins (C), E 150c (D), E 150d (E), E 133 (F), patent blue V (G), indigo carmine (H), chlorophylls and chlorophyllins (I), curcumin (J), anthocyanins (K), paprika extract (L), betanin (M), vegetable carbon (N).  (A)-(Z) – Depending on the flavour of the product for ingredients used see symbols (A-Z) beside for the date of minimum durability (best before). Allergen information: The product may also contain traces of soy. 

Recommended Use:
Take 1 portion twice a day - before training and after training or 1 portion once a day as supplementation. Add 1 portion (13 g of powder = 1 scoop or 2 flat tablespoons) to 150 ml of water. Consume directly after preparation. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

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