Hiro Lab Pure C8 MCT Oil - 400 ml - 100% Coconut Oil

Hiro Lab Pure C8 MCT Oil - 400 ml - 100% Coconut Oil  - Other Healthy Fats

Hiro Lab Pure C8 MCT Oil - 400 ml - 100% Coconut Oil

MCT Oil C8 from the Hiro.Lab brand contains as much as 99% caprylic oil – a healthy fatty acid that will give you energy during intense training. It is a solid fuel that strengthens your mind. Caprylic acid improves the condition of the intestines and their bacterial flora which improves the functions of the digestive system and digestive processes. MCT Oil C8 is a great addition to the keto diet and other low carb diets.

Hiro.Lab oil has no smell or taste, so you can add it to any food and drink. Perfect as an addition to bulletproof coffee, which will guarantee an excellent source of energy, improve concentration and thought processes. MCT oil is immediately absorbed and used by the body to produce energy. Just add it to your drink and drink it before training to notice how it will affect its quality and intensity.

MCT oil supports weight loss: it increases the feeling of fullness and suppresses the appetite. It supports the process of fat burning by increasing thermogenesis and helps in the reconstruction of muscles. Pure C8 is the perfect addition to low carb diets such as paleo, Low Carb, High Fat and keto. In addition, coconut oil has a positive effect on the work of the intestines. It can even support the fight against microorganisms that destroy the digestive tract. Caprylic acid has short carbon chains, so it is easily digestible and provides an energy boost just minutes after ingestion.

MCT Oil C8 from the Hiro.Lab brand is laboratory tested, which means that it is a completely safe product, free from contamination and toxins. Research has proven that 99% of the product content is caprylic acid. MCT oil does not contain any foreign tastes and odors, it has a pure color.

✓ Supports weight control
✓ Keeps you feeling full
✓ C8 supports and accelerates the production of ketones
✓ Pure, tasteless and odorless MCT oil
✓ 99% caprylic acid
✓ MCT supports the proper functioning of the intestines
✓ A great source of energy
✓ A great addition to bulletproof coffee
✓ Pure coconut extract

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 1 tbsp (± 15 ml)
Servings Per Container: 26

Amount Per Serving:
Nutritional value: 1 serving (15 ml)

Energy 135 kcal / 584 kJ
Protein 0 g
Carbohydrates 0 g
 - including sugar 0 g
Fat 15 g
 - of which saturates 15 g
 - of which caprylic acid 15 g
 - of which monounsaturated 0 g
 - of which polyunsaturated 0 g
Fiber 0 g
Salt 0 g

Composition of C 6 fatty acids
C 6:0 caproic acid max 0,5%
C 8:0 caproic acid min. 99%
C 10:0 capric acid max. 1%


MCT C8 oil (derived from 100% coconut oil)

Recommended Use:

It is recommended to be used as an addition to meals. To avoid stomach upset start with 1 teaspoon (5ml) per dose. For beginners, start with 1 tsp and scale up to 1 tbsp per day. For seasoned users, enjoy up to 2 tbsp per day.

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