Scitec Nutrition Wrist Wraps - 2 pcs - Blue

Scitec Nutrition Wrist Wraps - 2 pcs - Blue - Accessories & Clothing


With Velcro Fastening And Standard Thump Loop*

Provides Support And Stability On The Heaviest Lifts*

Pull em tight and get locked in. Necessary equipment for power lifters, heavy pressers and veterans of the iron game, these high quality wrist wraps feature heavy duty Velcro fastening amd the standard thumb loop. A bench day essential, they provide much needed support and stability on your heaviest lifts. With your wrist wraps, you can feel free to throw another pie on the bar.

Super strength, support and toughness. Increase your wrist support and increase the amount of weight that you can lift! Light to Heavy weight lifting.

They fully maximize wrist stability and protect against unwanted injuries, such as sprains and strains, tendinitis, and arthritis.

Wrist wraps can help relieve the discomfort of wrists with ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Great for CrossFit, tennis, and golf. Indispensable for weight lifting, bench pressing, military pressing, hand stand pushes, biceps curls, or triceps overhead extensions.


- High Quality Material

- Great for Many exercises

- Supportive Velcro fastening with thumb loop

- Length ~35 cm

- Color: Blue

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