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Optimum Nutrition Towel

The Sport Towel from Optimum Nutrition convinces with its cool, sleek look and a high quality made of 100% cotton.

Imagine you go to the gym with pink and rainbow towel which gets wet the first time you remove your sweat with it. Terrible case, isn’t it? Perfection is looking at the detail. It starts with the form during exercising, but also goes through the equipment you use. When the towel is shedding lint, it is a distraction. Distractions have one thing in common – they accumulate. When your mind is focusing on things that don’t really matter, the nuisance takes away most important things in your life. In case of being a sportsman – the results, the motivation, the joy during your exercise. Optimum Nutrition Towel is carefully designed to be a perfect tool during your workouts. It doesn’t slide when put on a bench, can be used to wipe sweat no problem and doesn’t get wet quick. You buy and say to yourself – works as it should – which gives you energy to focus on crucial things.

Optimum Nutrition Gym Towel this gym towel effortlessly wipes away sweat, keeping you fresh and comfortable during even the most intense workouts.

Mass: 100cm x 50cm

Material: 100% cotton

Wash: Machine washable & tumble dryer safe

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