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Hiro Lab Creatine - 360 caps

Creatine is a supplement commonly used by people practicing various types of sport. Hiro. Lab Creatine is a dietary supplement in the convenient form of capsules. Each capsule contains large dose of creatine monohydrate combined with taurine, that help you increase strength and lean muscle mass. Creatine monohydrate has long been the world’s most popular natural performance-enhancing supplement. It is a product commonly used by people practicing various types of sport.

What does creatine monohydrate give athletes?

Creatine is one of the best-studied sports supplements, so far over 2,000 studies have been conducted confirming its effectiveness and safety. Creatine and taurine supplementation is used to increase creatine stores and the availability of phosphocreatine in the body which results in faster creation of an energy carrier – ATP. The more phosphocreatine you have, the more work you can do before you get tired! With Hiro.Lab’s Creatine we provide you with strength, power and improved endurance during a workout. Besides, creatine hydrates muscle cells, and that’s when the increase in protein synthesis and muscle growth is the most noticeable.

The best supplement for increasing muscle mass:

Improves the quality of training sessions

It helps to increase muscle mass

It helps to increase strength

One serving is a huge dose of creatine and taurine which make it extremely efficient and effective

Adds energy

Get rid of restrictions!

Myostatin is the bane of everyone who wants to build up their muscle mass. It is a protein that inhibits the growth of our muscles. While using Creatine, we can limit its activity. As a consequence, myostatin activity can be reduced, which will speed up your way to the desired figure.

Addition of taurine for even greater effectiveness

What is important for dietary supplements, including creatine, is what it is combined with - the use of taurine in Hiro.Lab product works extremely favourably because this amino acid has an anabolic effect and improves the transport of creatine to muscles, which is then used as a source of energy during exercise.

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 4 caps

Servings Per Container: 90

Amount per serving:

Creatine monohydrate 4500 mg

including creatine 3960 mg

Taurine 500 mg


Creatine monohydrate incl. 88% creatine, taurine, capsule – gelatin.

Recommended Use:

Consume 4 capsules on training and non-training days.

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