Gourmet Coffee Beans - Brazil Fazenda Rainha 100% Arabica

NEW Gourmet Coffee Beans - Brazil Fazenda Rainha 100% Arabica - Healthy Food


Coffee Brazil Fazenda Rainha is 100% Arabica, which comes from a farm run by the Carvalho Dias family since 1890. The taste reflects years of experience, directly translating into the final high quality of the coffee beans

Taste/Aroma: nuts, dark chocolate

Brazilian coffee from the Minas Gerais region is 100% Arabica, originating from the Fazenda Rainha farm.

Fazenda Rainha is a farm managed by José Renato G. Dias, an agricultural engineer specializing in coffee production. Since 1890, the farm has been owned by the Carvalho Dias family.

The coffee is processed using a manual mechanical device for harvesting to avoid contact with the ground. The manual method of coffee fruit collection is dictated by the terrain’s topography. After harvesting, the coffee is spread out in the courtyard and dried slowly in the sun. Once it reaches 20% moisture content, the coffee goes into special dryers, where the moisture level drops to 11%. The coffee is then transported to a warehouse that maintains low humidity levels and is free from odors that could affect the coffee.

The farm has a program for planting native species to maintain ecological balance. Out of 484 hectares, only 190 are allocated for coffee plantations. Additionally, the workers live in fully equipped houses; there is a school for their children and a recreational area for families with a club and an official soccer field. The water used on the farm is treated to avoid contaminating its sources.

Brazil Fazenda Rainha coffee was a finalist in the Brazil Cup of Excellence in 2000, 2001, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010 and won first place in 2011.

The Yellow Bourbon coffee variety is cultivated at an altitude of 1100-1500 meters above sea level. It is characterized by a delicate acidity, medium body, and a full-bodied taste with hints of nuts and dark chocolate.

The Brazil Fazenda Rainha coffee is roasted for espresso machines but will also work well in pour-over coffee makers




100% Arabica beans 

Recommended Use:

Recommended Brewing Methods: espresso machines (lever/piston), automatic espresso machines, pour-over, moka pot

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