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A great tasting and natural source of healthy protein, carbohydrates and fats made from roasted cashew nuts.

The cashews used in Cashew Butter are roasted before being ground to produce a delicious taste and texture.

No palm oil!
100% nuts!
No added salt
No added sugar - contains naturally occurring sugars

Did you know cashews are actually seeds that grow in pairs at the bottom of a fruit called the cashew apple? And you know what they say; an apple a day … It actually is the seed that brings all the health benefits. How are they good for you? Cashews help maintain your body's balance of minerals needed for optimum health with copper and iron being the most abundant. Cash in on cashew’s effect now! 

Cashew Butter is a product which is the source of protein and high in dietary fiber. 
Protein is the basic nutrient that contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. The product contains no additives so unlike the products of hydrogenated fat added to stabilize the product has no trans fats. In addition, the product contains no salt, and is produced without the addition of palm oil and no added sugars. 
Sugars declared in the nutritional value are naturally occurring sugars and cashew. 
Cashew Butter has a high content of minerals iron, zinc, phosphorus, copper, manganese and magnesium. These components play in many important body functions. 
Magnesium helps to reduce fatigue and fatigue, helps maintain electrolyte balance, helps to maintain normal energy metabolism and helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system and muscles and helps to maintain healthy bones and teeth. 
Another minerals - zinc has very different effects. It helps, inter alia, in the correct DNA synthesis, is involved in cell division, helps maintain normal fertility and normal reproductive function. It also contributes to maintenance of normal metabolism of macronutrients, carbohydrates, fatty acids and helps in normal protein synthesis. Moreover, zinc helps to maintain healthy hair, skin and nails. Phosphorus is a mineral that helps to maintain normal energy metabolism and helps in the proper functioning of cell membranes and helps to maintain healthy bones and teeth. Iron helps in the proper production of red blood cells and hemoglobin, helps in the proper transport of oxygen in the body and the proper functioning of the immune system. Also contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and plays a role in cell division. 
Another of the components of copper, among other things, helps protect cells from oxidative stress, helps in the proper functioning of the immune system in the proper transport of iron in the body and helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system. 
The last of the components that the product is present in a large amount is manganese. He is responsible for helping to protect cells against oxidative stress, helps in the proper formation of connective tissues, helps to maintain healthy bones and helps to maintain normal energy metabolism.

Cashew butter are an ideal choice for those seeking calorie product, whilst a significant content of protein and fiber, and vitamins and minerals.

Our Cashew butter do not contain additives and in comparison to other products containing hydrogenated fats which were added for product stabilization, do not contain trans fats.

In addition product didn`t contain salt and is produced without oil and sugar addition.

This product is suitable for and conforms to vegetarian and vegan diets.

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 1 Tablespoon (15g)
Servings Per Container: 11

Amount Per 100g:

*RDA%: Percent of the Recommended Daily Allowance. 
† RDA not established in the EU.

Other Ingredients:
Roasted Cashew Nuts (100%) Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.
Allergen Info: Contains cashews. 

Recommended Use:
Try on crackers and crumpets, add to shakes, cakes and bakes.

Warnings: Store cool and dry. Once opened, consume within 3 months. Packed on the same line as nuts and sesame.

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