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Price Increase Announcement

Dear Customer,

As you may be aware, sports nutrition sector is experiencing some significant global price increases in raw material and shipping costs due to various reasons including COVID, driver shortage, low raw material availability and general demand increasing.

For example we have seen the following increases since May 2021 (this list is not exhaustive)

WPC80 - increased by 68%

WPI - increased by 75%

Caffeine - increased by 281%

Creatine - increased by 157% (with almost 90% decrease in availability, compared to 01/2021)

Global shipping has seen 330% increases.

Local transport - increased by up to 20%

Our strategy has been to absorb the additional cost from margin and hope to 'ride out' inflated costs. We also decided to stockpile bestselling products to ensure no problems with the supply to our valued customers. Unfortunately, prices have continued to increase and availability is reducing.

We hope you will understand our decision to increase some products pricing and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support throughout these unprecedented times.

Perfect Body Nutrition Management


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