OstroVit Horsetail Extract - 100 g

OstroVit Horsetail Extract - 100 g - Vitamins & Minerals





OstroVit Field Horsetail Extract is a natural dietary supplement in the form of powdered extract from above-ground plant parts with 7% of silica. Although field horsetail is commonly known as a plant which supports restoration of hair and nails, its health-promoting properties are much broader. Silica included in the extract influences functions of kidneys, adrenal glands and heart. If you wish to enjoy beautiful hair, if you complain about slow-healing wounds and kidney infections, consider supplementing the field horsetail extract.


When to use the field horsetail?

Field horsetail is common throughout Poland and contains a number of valuable nutrients, such as flavonoids, saponins, tannin and sterols. It is also known for high content of silicon which has an impact on flexibility of cuticle, and strengthens and supports growth of hair and nails.


Additionally the field horsetail assures correct flexibility of mucous membranes and tissues of the organism. It shows astringency effect and boosts wounds healing process. Flavonoids included play a role of diuretics, thanks to which the plant happens to be used to support infections and inflammations of urinary tract and bladder. The plant also counteracts bleeding. Choose OstroVit Field Horsetail Extract if you:


✔want to have beautiful hair and nails

✔your wounds heal slowly

✔have acne or other skin diseases

✔deal with recurring urinary tract disorders



Thanks to high content of silica (7%), the field horsetail extract is highly effective. Its regular supplementation may bring numerous benefits which you can feel from the inside and see from the outside. The extract is home to many active ingredients and proves to be highly efficient - one package of the product is as many as 357 recommended daily portions.


Major features of the supplement:

✔BEAUTIFUL LOOK - The field horsetail influences flexibility of skin and supports growth of hair and nails. It stimulates wounds to heal and helps you reduce swelling, thus performing perfectly as a daily support in your fight against acne.

✔PROTECTION TO URINARY TRACT - Regular use of the extract may lead to increase in water removed from the organism. It is significant in prevention of bladder diseases and stones in the urinary tract.

✔NATURAL SOURCE OF MICRO-INGREDIENTS - Aside from high content of silica, the field horsetail is a rich source of other important micro-ingredients. The most important ones: iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C and organic acids.

✔SAFE COMPOSITION - OstroVit Field Horsetail Extract dietary supplement can be used by vegans and vegetarians. A one-ingredient formula of the product guarantees maximum efficacy.

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 280mg
Servings Per Container: 357

Amount Per Serving:

Horsetail aerial parts extract, of which: 280mg

- silica (7%) 19,6mg

Horsetail aerial parts extract (Equisetum arvense L.) standardized on 7% of silica.

Recommended Use:
Take 1 serving - 280 mg (1 scoop) daily with meal, drink water. Please use the measuring cup included in the package (0.5 ml).

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