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OstroVit Berberine Sulphate 99% Vege - 60 Caps 

OstroVit Berberine Sulphate 99% is a vegan dietary supplement, based on a barberry root. The product is rich in a highly assimilable berberine sulphate which proves a way stronger than a commonly used hydrochloride. 

Berberine is a dietary supplement in tablets containing extract of berberine. Berberine has a positive effect on the functioning of the intestines and the regulation of the intestinal lining, which translates into better functioning of the digestive system. Berberine can be used in cases of dysregulation of sugar and insulin metabolism in the body due to the fact that it increases the amount and sensitivity of insulin receptors. Moreover, it delays the breakdown of complex carbohydrates into simple sugars, including by regulating macrobiotics, stimulating the consumption of SFA. Berberine mimics the action of insulin by increasing the use of glucose, making it an insulin-mimetic.

Berberine - what is it?

Berberine ( Berberis aristata ), also known as Indian barberry, "daru haldi" is a shrub with evergreen leaves found in temperate and subtropical regions of Asia, Europe and America. Originally, this plant grew in the Himalayas and Nepal, where it was especially appreciated for its health-promoting properties.

The action of berberine has beneficial properties in reducing body weight. It helps to increase the activity of adiponectin (a hormone secreted by adipose tissue, which plays a role in improving insulin sensitivity), which causes that berberine is a supplement supporting the reduction of fat tissue - by regulating glycemic index, as well as by affecting the hormones that are secreted by adipose tissue. Moreover, berberine also effects memory. It can be used as a means of improving cognitive functions and memorization, mainly by influencing the cholinergic pathways.

Berberis is a plant that can naturally contribute to the maintenance of normal glucose metabolism in the body. Consuming barberry can also help maintain healthy skin and a healthy hearth system. At the same time, this ingredient supports the maintenance of the proper level of fats in the blood.

Moreover, BERBERINE thanks to the content of barberry (Berberis aristata), helps maintain healthy skin. It should also be mentioned that barberry (Berberis aristata) supports the health of reproductive and urinary organs.

Product Highlights:

  • COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH-PROMOTING IMPACT – For many years valuable properties provided by barberry-rich plants have been used in the natural medicine. Their history of application dates back several thousand years, and the spectrum of action is extremely wide.
  • SUPPORT ON A DIET – Barberry serves as an efficient support when you aim to slim down.Regularly consumed extract can affect the body's metabolism, thanks to which it can reduce body weight and the amount of fat deposited.
  • HIGH CONTENT OF ACTIVE INGREDIENT – One capsule of the supplement includes as many as 400 mg of Berberis aristata extract, standardized for 99% of berberine sulphate. A high bio-availability of active ingredients makes the product even more effective.
  • VEGAN FORMULA – Our dietary supplement can be freely used by vegans. The product is free from anti-caking agents, preservatives and coloring. It contains only a plant extract and a vegan capsule shell.

Properties of the Berberine:

✔ Helps to lower blood glucose levels

✔ Has a positive effect on the work of the intestines

✔ Has a beneficial effect in reducing body weight

✔ Supports the work of the brain (memory, concentration)

✔ Supports control of normal levels of triglycerides in plasma

✔ Contributes to maintaining healthy skin

✔ Helps to maintain normal cholesterol level

✔ Supports the health of the reproductive and urinary organs

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size:  1 capsule

Servings Per Container: 60

Amount Per Serving:

Berberis root extract, of which: 400 mg

- berberine sulphate (99 %) 396 mg


Berberis root extract (Berberis aristata DC.) standardized on 99 % of berberine sulphate, coating composition (bulking agent: hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose).

Product may contain milk (including lactose), soy, peanuts, other nuts, sesame seeds, cereals containing gluten, eggs, celery, mustard, crustaceans, fish.

Recommended Use:

Take 1 serving (1 capsule) per day during a meal.

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