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MEX PRO ELBOW WRAPS - 2 pcs - Black/Red

New SOLD OUT! MEX PRO ELBOW WRAPS - 2 pcs -  Black/Red - Accessories

If you’re into powerlifting or you do heavy bench press, shoulders press etc, then elbow straps are a must. If your elbows hurt when you lift or press then it would be very wise to invest in a pair of elbow straps today. Elbow straps protect your joints and ligaments. You will find you can lift heavier without the danger of injuries.


This Supportive Velcro fastening elbow wrap has Super Strength, support and toughness. It will Increase your elbow support and increase the amount of weight that you can lift! Light to Heavy weight lifting and pressing power!


High Quality Material

Great for MANY exercises

Design is NEW and TOUGH

Color : Black & Red




120cm length Professional Grade

Lift more by increasing your elbow support!!

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  • Brand: MEX - Muscle Excellence
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