Metolius Weightlifting / Climbing Chalk Block - 57 G

Metolius Weightlifting / Climbing Chalk Block - 57 G - Accessories & Clothing


Chalk your hands before lifting!


A slight amount of perspiration on your palms significantly reduces grip strength. And grip strength is a determining factor in success during “pulling” lifts like cleans, deadlifts, and pull-ups. Kettlebell athletes chalk up before a set of kettlebell snatches. To get better at these exercises, use gym chalk.

Gym chalk is a drying agent; it substantially improves your grip.

Unfortunately, most commercial gyms and fitness clubs ban the use of weightlifting chalk. Even though it’s probably the most useful weight lifting accessory, it makes a mess and gym owners don’t like it.


Newer gym chalk comes pressed into blocks. These chalk blocks are much less messy than traditional powdered chalk.


It only takes a few seconds longer to chalk your hands using a cake than it does to dip your hands in loose powder, but these few seconds can mean the difference between being a concientious gym patron or being the kind of weight lifter who makes a mess.


What is weight lifting chalk?

Weightlifting chalk is powdered magnesium carbonate.

Chalk power benefits:

- Provides better friction

- Increases hand grip

- Eliminates sweating during training

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