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IronMaxx Glutamine Pro Powder - 500 g

New IronMaxx Glutamine Pro Powder - 500 g - Glutamine

IronMaxx Glutamine Pro Powder - 500 g

✔ 100% pure glutamine powder in the best quality!
✔ Flavor-neutral powder for mixing in water or in protein shake
✔ According to numerous athletes, L-glutamine has a promising effect on muscle building, regeneration and fat burning
✔ Many doctors and doctors attribute glutamine positive effects on bowel function
✔ Vegan glutamine powder without sugar!
✔ Completely free of preservatives!

Compensate for the glutamine deficiency quickly and easily
60% of the muscles consist of L-glutamine
The most common amino acid in your body is L-glutamine. Since it is widespread in the skeletal muscles and has a share of approx. 60% there, glutamine is particularly popular with bodybuilders and strength athletes. They hope that the non-essential amino acid will have a positive effect on muscle building in connection with muscle protection and optimal regeneration to prevent strong sore muscles. In certain everyday situations, your body cannot cope with the production of glutamine. This can happen especially in strenuous phases, such as during sports or in stressful situations. Then yours is Glutamine requirements so high that the body's own production is not sufficient,to fully meet this need. Supplementation is therefore useful. With the first-class glutamine powder from IronMaxx ® you can prevent the lack of L-glutamine and feed your muscles with the most important amino acid for the skeletal muscles.

Pure glutamine powder with ideal solubility
The L-glutamine powder from IronMaxx ® is one of the highest quality glutamine products on the market. It has one Purity level of 100%, so that you don't take unnecessary additives. Furthermore, it has one perfect solubility, without lumps or leftovers. Most of the time it is dissolved in water, but it is also very popular to take it together in the Protein shake or in Weight gainer. Since that Glutamine powder vegan and lactose freeis, it is acceptable to almost everyone. In addition, IronMaxx ® completely dispensed with any preservatives in the production process. For optimal training results, taking L-glutamine after getting up, immediately after exercise and 15 minutes before bed is recommended.

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 5g
Servings Per Container: 100

Amount Per Serving:
L-Glutamine 5 g

L-glutamine (100%)

Recommended Use:
Dissolve 5 g powder ( approx. 1 teaspoon ) in 100 ml of liquid. We recommend mixing with weight gainers or protein shakes. Take a portion for optimal training results immediately after getting up, another immediately after training or sport and another serving 15 minutes before bed.

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