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True beauty comes from within!

✓ Collagen drink with over 80% collagen hydrolyzate
✓ Promotes a tight connective tissue and a beautiful complexion
✓ Promotes strong bones and elastic tendons and ligaments
✓ Helps to prevent and relieve joint pain
✓ Promotes hair and skin health
✓ Supports the body's collagen formation
✓ Highest quality & workmanship - Made in Germany
✓ Slightly soluble powder

The highest quality collagen drink from IronMaxx® from the award-winning * top manufacturer - of course: Made in Germany. Collagen for drinking is, in addition to the well-known collagen creams, the best way to replenish its collagen reserves.
In cosmetics, collagen is used for a firmer skin, as it provides the structure of the skin with the important protein and thus counteract wrinkles, cellulite and a relaxation of the skin. But collagen is mainly in the subcutaneous tissue, the collagen in creams does not penetrate completely into these deeper layers of the skin.
And the complex structural protein collagen (collagen) can do much more: it is crucial for proper joint function, cartilage formation and is an integral part of our entire musculoskeletal system!

The IronMaxx® Collagen Drink provides your body with pure collagen protein (collagen hydrolyzate) and the antioxidant (free radical scavenger) vitamin C. In addition, our collagen drink contains all the essential amino acids.

Supplement facts for Ironmaxx Collagen Powder Zero:
Serving Size: 1 Scoop (12g)
Servings Per Container: 20

Amount Per Serving Ironmaxx Collagen Powder Zero:
Energy 180 kJ / 42 kcal
Fats 0 g
- of which saturated 0 g
Carbohydrates 0.7 g
- of which sugar 0 g
Protein 9.0 g
Salt 0.16 g
Vitamin C 40 mg (50% NRV)
Collagen hydrolyzate 10 g

Amino acids per 100g
Isoleucine * 1100 mg
Leucine * 2200 mg
Lysine * 2600 mg
Valine * 1800 mg
Phenylalanine * 1600 mg
Threonine * 1400 mg
Methionine * 500 mg
Tryptophan * 100 mg
Glutamine 9300 mg
Asparagine 5000 mg
Arginine 6300 mg
Proline 8600 mg
Serine 2600 mg
Alanine 6100 mg
Glycine 15500 mg
Tyrosine 400 mg
Histidine 600 mg
Cysteine 100 mg
Hydroxylysine 900 mg
Hydroxyproline 8600 mg
* Essential amino acid

Ingredients in Ironmaxx Collagen Powder Zero:
Collagen hydrolyzate (bovine) (83%), acidulant (citric acid), flavoring, coloring (beta-carotene), inulin, sweetener (sucralose), L-ascorbic acid.

Recommended Use for Ironmaxx Collagen Powder Zero:
Add 12 g of powder and 300 ml of water to the blender jar and shake for 20 seconds. Drink one serving daily.

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