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IronMaxx CM 2:1 Ultra Strong - 300 g

New IronMaxx CM 2:1 Ultra Strong - 300 g - Amino Acids & BCAA

IronMaxx CM 2:1 Ultra Strong - 300 g

Citrullin Malat 2: 1 – Your effective training booster
Citrulline malate is the composition of the non-essential amino acid L-citrulline and malate. The combination of the two elements is considered effective support for your training. Citrulline is said to have an effect similar to beta alanine or creatine. Numerous bodybuilders and athletes hope that the amino acid will improve blood flow to the body and provide the muscle cells with better care. If the muscle cells are better cared for, your muscles have more energy and are logically more powerful. Malats are the esters and salts of malic acid. According to many expert opinions, the malate is of great importance for energy generation in aerobic metabolism.In addition, it should have a supporting function in the body when taking up L-citrulline.

Get the extra kick for an intensive workout
Your body can produce citrulline itself, but only in small quantities. In order to achieve positive training effects, it makes sense to supplement L-citrullin. The effective supplement L-Citrullin Malat from IronMaxx ® consists of a 2: 1 ratio. 2 parts of L-citrulline meet part of Malat. This ratio is significantly more effective than a 1: 1 percentage because a higher dose of citrulline than malate is necessary to achieve the desired effect. This product has a purity of 100%.

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 3g
Servings Per Container: 100

Amount Per Serving:
L-citrulline DL malate 2: 1 3000mg
of which L-citrulline 2000mg

L-citrulline DL malate ( 100% )

Recommended Use:
3 g powder ( approx. a Add the heaped teaspoon ) and 250 ml of cold water to the blender jar and 20 seconds shake hard for a long time. Drink a serving 30 minutes before training.

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