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HYDRA CUP DUAL SHAKER CUP - 900 ml neon pink

HYDRA CUP DUAL SHAKER CUP - 900 ml neon pink Accessories

Dual Shaker Cup - Make It A Double!
Versatile, Time Saving, And Convenient!

The Hydracup Dual Shaker Neon is a Patent Pending first of its kind dual shaker cup that allows you to separately mix and drink pre and post workout shakes from one shaker bottle. Known for its versatility, it cools drinks without dilution, can be shared with a friend and can store keys & cards and stash snacks on one side while drinking from the other. Take it to the gym to save time & drink conveniently or take it out at night for #multiflasking. 

Hydra Cup can do it all...the real question is WHAT SEPARATES YOU? 

Preparation. Timing. On-The-Go. Introducing the world's most versatile shaker

Hydracup is the one and only dualshaker!
Stash Stuff in each side
Put ice on one side to keep the other side cool
Save time and its more convenient
Features of Hydracup
Holds 900 ml total,
BPA Free
Dishwasher Safe
Fits in most backpacks

Waterproof Storage
Stores up to 6 scoops of protein, almonds or other healthy snacks, keys and even a phone.

Versatility Meets Convenience
Attach a keychain and you are adventure ready.

Use As An Ice Wand
Keep ice water on one side to chill drinks without diluting them.

Fit For Function
We know how bad you wanted to get your hands on it but sometimes you got to put it down. No worries as it fits in most cup holders.

Bigger Shaker, Same Feel
Hydracup holds 900 ml total, more than other leading shakers. Use it as one shaker for weight gainer and other hydrating drinks.

Go Stealth
Sometimes what separates you shouldn’t be seen by others.

Stay Separated
The raised arch is an extra vertical divider. Ensuring that your pre never mixes with your post. 

Hydracup is perfect for the on-the-go athlete!

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