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Product Details:
Creasteron "Sculptor of male bodies" !
Creasteron contains everything that a human body needs for anabolic metabolism, i.e. for muscle building.
All substrates contained in Creasteron work in synergy and potentiate themselves mutually through effects of insulin and testosterone.
Insulinogenic aromatic extracts cause carbohydrates to join the ATP cycle and then they are used as an energy substrate for muscle building instead of being stored as body fat.
The highly complex composition of Creasteron supplies proteins, amino acids, energy substrates, and anabolizing agents that your body needs for maximum development of power and muscle building.
Creasteron contains many new substances produced exclusively by the PEAK PERFORMANCE Luxembourg company as, for instance, amino acids on the basis of TST (Total Solution Technology), insulinogenic vegetal extracts (β-ecdysterone, MHCP, polypeptide P, ADPS, β-sitosterol, steroidal saponins).
Thanks to these substances the body gets into a highly anabolic condition that results in the building substrates being massively supplied to muscle cells where they are intensively transformed into body, i.e. muscle proteins.
The proteins contained in Creasteron are made use of and built in 6 times faster thanks to β-ecdysterone. Due to the presence of polypeptide P and D-pitinol, creatine is “pushed” into muscle cells as massively as if a great amount of carbohydrates or insulin injections have been administered. Due to free amino acids – TST the proteosynthesis in muscles already starts 10 minutes after taking Creasteron.
Creasteron is a complex building matrix complemented by new substrates based on the newest scientific knowledge.
Do you know MHCP (the insulinogenic cinnamon extract), sulforaphan/indol-3-carbinol (broccoli extract with an anti-aromatase effect)?
Do you know D-pinitol (pine extract promoting the insulinogenic effects and uptake of nitrogen and creatine)?
Do you know all the building substrates and catalysts contained in CREATESTON and their mutual synergic effects?
Do you know that essential amino acids (EAA) are predominantly decisive for increased growth of muscles and that the non-essential ones do not play any role?
Do you know that even the best proteins contain only 35% of the essential amino acids contributing to muscle building and that the muscular mass might be now built better through amino acids in a free singular form (in the amino acid –malate form)?
Do you know that testosterone modulators on the steroidal saponin base work together with insulinogenic agents and protein amino acids to activate SHBG (sex hormone binding protein) in order to achieve binding with testosterone at a lower level because only unbound testosterone may actively work in cells?
The secret of the effect of Creasteron lies in the synergic work of individual substrates, which are contained in optimal amounts and the effects of which manifest themselves at the right moment. The effects of individual substrates contained in the product do not cumulate but multiply each other (potentiate), which leads to a truly optimal effect.
What can be achieved in just 6 weeks with Creasteron?
- 4-6 kg absolute lean muscle mass
- 30-35% increase in muscle strength and endurance during training
- 1-2 kg loss of body fat
Physiological effects caused by Creasteron:
- increase level of the "free" (not related to plasma proteins) testosterone (a potent anabolic)
- elevate levels of growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) (a strong anabolic effect)
- increase sensitivity of muscle cells to insulin (an anabolic effect)
- inhibition of aromatase activity (better muscle definition)
- reduction in cortisol levels
- increase the size of high-phosphate (ATP) in muscle cells (increased strength)
- increase nitrogen assimilation
- stimulation of muscle glycogen synthesis during post-training compensation
- increase libido
- stimulation of the immune system
- effective regeneration of the body after exercise and during sleep
Creasteron is an advanced formulation that contains everything you need is the athlete to quickly and build up strength and muscle mass. Creasteron a true " All in one formula . " The product can replace preparations creatine, protein, protein-carbohydrate, amino acid, anti-catabolic and anabolic hormones stimulators . Using unique Creasteron it can be expected in the short term, visible improvements in muscle size and strength, speed and strength of muscle growth as well as aerobic capacity, and faster burning of stored fat .
Countering the negative effects of stress hormones.
Used in the preparation plant extracts actively modulate the hormonal environment in an athlete's body, increasing testosterone levels and lowering levels of catabolic cortisol in the blood. Zinc and the steroid saponins obtained from extracts of Fenugreek and Avena sativa , significantly increase the synthesis and secretion of testosterone . Agaricus bisporus extract is a potent inhibitor of aromatase, thus inhibits the conversion of testosterone to estrogen harmful. While the components of the preparation insulinogenic binding proteins reduce the concentration of steroid hormones (sex hormone binding globulin) in blood plasma, bepośrednio increasing amount of free active testosterone. Used in the preparation of broccoli extract has strong antioxidant properties , has antiestrogen and activates detoxifying enzymes in the cells, so that helps get rid of toxins and waste products. In addition, 4-hydroxyisoleucine, D-pinitol, insulinogenic extracts regulate carbohydrate metabolism and insulin in the body and intensify the absorption of nutrients into muscle cells, stimulate the synthesis of glycogen and muscle protein and increase insulin sensitivity .
Creasteron is enriched in the  full range of vitamins of the B group and vitamin C and E, essential to the proper course of metabolic processes of the system.
Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 4.5 Scoops (~81 g) + 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 12
Amount Per 100 g/ Serving (81.3 g):
Protein       43.8 g/ 35.0 g
Carbohydrates  31.3 g/ 25.0 g
Fat  1.3 g/  1.0 g
Energy Value 1321 kJ/311 kcal / 1057 kJ/249 kcal
Precursors of ATP:
Creatine         3750 mg/        3000 mg
Ribose           2500 mg/        2000 mg
Inosine           2500 mg/        2000 mg
Substances which increase the volume of the cell:
Taurine          3437 mg/        2750 mg
L-Glutamine 8125 mg/ 6500 mg
Sodium          500 mg/          400 mg
Potassium     375 mg/          300 mg
Substances regulating the levels of insulin in the body:
High-molecule glucose polymer   15000 mg/ 12 000 mg
4-Hydroxyisoleucine           125 mg/          100 mg
D-pinitol         125 mg/          100 mg
Chrome          225 mg/          180 mg
BCAA 8125 mg/        6500 mg
Taurine          3125 mg/        2500 mg
Insulinogenic extracts  2500 mg/  2000 mg
Cysteine        750 mg/          600 mg
Substances which increase levels of testosterone:
Fenugreek steroid saponins          500 mg/          400 mg
Avena sativa extract            500 mg/          400 mg
Zinc    19 mg/ 15 mg
Amino acids reduce protein levels of SHBG:   31 250 mg/ 25 000 mg
Completely trans-retinol acid 3000 ug/ 2400 ug
Substances reducing cortisol levels and aromatase activity:
The extract Agaricus bisporus       500 mg/          400 mg
Extract of broccoli    500 mg/          400 mg
Substances reducing body fat levels:
Soy protein (bioactive peptides) 12 500 mg/ 10000 mg
BCAA 8125 mg/        6500 mg
Plant extracts regulate insulin levels in the body 2500 mg/ 2000 mg
Vitamin A       3000 g/           2400 g            300%
Vitamin E       38 mg/            30 mg 300%
Vitamin C      225 mg/          180 mg           300%
Vitamin D3    19 ug/ 15 ug  300%
Vitamin B1    5.3 mg/           4.2 mg            300%
Vitamin B2    6.0 mg/           4.8 mg            300%
Niacin            68 mg/            54 mg 300%
Vitamin B6    7.5 mg/           6.0 mg            300%
Folate 750 mg/          600 mg           300%
Vitamin B12  3.64 g/            0.45 g 300%
Pantothenic acid  23 mg/ 18 mg 300%
Vitamin K1   38 ug/ 30 mg
Calcium         250 mg/          200 mg           25%
Magnesium 125 mg/            100 mg           33%
Phosphorus 82 mg/ 66 mg 8%
Sodium          500 mg/          400 mg
Potassium     375 mg/         300 mg
Zinc         19 mg/       15 mg 100%
Iron     6.2 mg/           5.0 mg            36%
Manganese 2.5 mg/ 2.0 mg
Copper           1.3 mg/           1.0 mg
Iodine 63 ug/ 50 mg 33.3%
Chrome          225 mg/          180μg
Molybdenum 100 mg/ 8 mg
Selenium       119 mg/          95 ug
Modulators to help absorption of nutrients:
Piperine         6.2 mg            5.0 mg
The balance of amino acids:
Alanine          1910/1530 mg
Lysine            3280/2630 mg
Arginine         1420/1130 mg
Methionine    620/500 mg
Aspartic acid 4380/3500 mg
Phenylalanine         1340/1070 mg
Cystine / Cysteine   790/630 mg
Proline           2170/1730 mg
Glutamic acid + glutamine 8580/6870 mg
Serine            2110/1690 mg
Glycine          1040/830 mg
Threonine     2500/2000 mg
Histidine        820/660 mg
Tryptophan    740/590 mg
Isoleucine     2160/1720 mg
Tyrosine         1400/1120 mg
Leucine         3890/3110 mg
Valine            2010/1610 mg
*% RDA – percent of Recommended Dietary Allowance
Recommended Use:
Dissolve 1 serving (~80 g) of the product (8 flat tablespoons) in 400 ml of water. Drink accompanied with 2 capsules.
Workout days: Take 1 serving immediately after training
Non-workout days: Take 1 daily in the morning.

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