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QUAMTRAX GRIP PADS - 2 pcs - Black

QUAMTRAX GRIP PADS - 2 pcs - Black Accessories
Anyone who trains with weights know the importance of safety. During intense exercise we sweat and wet hand it is difficult to firmly grab the barbell. Probably many of you use gloves, which did not respond to anyone. Now, however, there is an interesting alternative for them. Introducing GRIP PAD- Innovative handles, perfectly replacing traditional training gloves. A special-resistant neoprene foam and coatings allow you to take control of the lifted weight. At the same time GRIP PAD provides optimal ventilation to prevent sweating hands and protects them from abrasion and unpleasant impressions. With GRIP PAD your hands stay dry, and the weight you never slips.


Grip Pad is an innovative and safe Holds that protect the hands during exercise.


- High comfort.

- Prevent sweating hands.

- Safe and strong grip.

- color: black

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