10X Athletic Glut+ - 300 g *BEST BEFORE 12/2023*

NEW -45% 10X Athletic Glut+ - 300 g - Glutamine

10X Athletic Glut+ - 300 g *BEST BEFORE 12/2023* 

Glutamine is an important and naturally occurring amino acid with many functions in the human body. At times of stress or when the body’s need for glutamine is greater than its ability to produce it, your body may look to break down protein sources, such as your muscles, to release this amino acid. So if you’re looking to supplement your diet with glutamine then look no further than 10X Athletic GLUT+. It’s 100% Vegan, Pharma Grade, micronized l-glutamine powder. 10X Athletic – Supplements you can trust.

  • Muscle Fuel Recovery
  • Improve Immune System
  • 5g L-Glutamine & 0g Sugar Per Serving
  • L-glutamine is one of the main amino acids found in the human body.
  • Some scientific studies indicate that L-glutamine may affect muscle recovery after intense physical activity.
  • Supplementing whey protein with L-glutamine may prove valuable for increasing muscle mass during strength training.
  •  Advanced glutamine formula
  • 100% pure, zero fillers
  • Unflavored formula for stacking

L-Glutamine, the free form amino acid, is the single most abundant amino acid present in skeletal muscle. L-Glutamine may support muscle tissue by limiting the degradation of protein through nitrogen retention, glycogen synthesis, and protein synthesis. L-Glutamine may also assist in the fueling and removal of environmental toxins. Thus, L-Glutamine has been dubbed "the thinker´s amino". L-Glutamine´s muscle and brain tissue supporting qualities have made L-Glutamine an invaluable addition to an athlete´s regimen.
Because L-Glutamine is non-toxic, you can safely take it year-round without needing to cycle it. L-Glutamine is a fundamental bodybuilders´ supplement. Don´t be without it! Laboratory Tested for quality and purity.


Trusted by Athletes, our labels are fully transparent and our products contain zero proprietary blends. 10X GLUT+ is manufactured in GMP, NSF and IC certified facilities. Our 10X GLUT+ is tested for banned substances and heavy metals, so whether you’re a competing athlete, in a profession that has mandatory drug testing or you just want to know that you’re doing right by your body, be assured 10X GLUT+ has you covered.

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 1 scoop (5g)

Servings Per Container: 60

Amount Per Serving:

L-glutamine  5 g

Recommended Use :

Mix ~1 scoop of powder (5 g) with 150-250 ml of water. Drink 1 portion immediately after a workout.

May be taken any time. Drink before, during or immediately after your workout. 

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